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Poo, please!

Matthew Chatfield
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The Ranger’s colleague Tina J Williamson has posted an entertaining, and slightly poignant, picture on her Flickr stream:

Poo please © Tina J Williamson

An interesting take on the perennial problem of poo-in-the-hedge. The Ranger would be interested to know the story behind this sign… Who wrote it? Was it successful? Update: see this entertaining and scientific development of the concept at Island 2000!

Matthew Chatfield

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2 thoughts on “Poo, please!

  • I can’t understand why some dog owners go to the trouble of taking these brightly coloured bags with them to then deposite them half way up a hedge or tree! Do they really think this is better then just leaving it? At least the un-wrapped article will bio-degrade back into the soil eventually. Better still TAKE IT HOME!!!

  • The Virtual Ranger

    It’s not nice seeing dog mess anywhere and the problem of dog owners bagging the poo and leaving the bags lying around is somehow even more anti-social than the unpackaged turds. What is it with people? I hope this cute sign has some effect.


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