Gotta clear up after ’em all!

Matthew Chatfield

Readers over the age of 12, with no children of their own, can simply pass on. The rest of us probably need no introduction to the Nintendo franchise Pokemon, and won’t be surprised to learn that once more as Christmas approaches another Pokemon game is being wheeled out. It’s a wonder that they can still find something new to do – having tried Pokemon Snap; Pokemon Pinball and even Pokemon Ranger. Pokemon is of slight interest to The Ranger. Is it because of its interesting focus on evolution and species interaction? In truth it is because of the enthusiasm his two sons, Bill and Jack. The Ranger was Christmas shopping with them in mind today when the new Pokemon game was observed on the shelves of Woolworths:

Pokemon game

Perhaps Nintendo really were getting desperate this year! Still, anyone who has ever had charge of any sort of animal – or children – will instantly recognise the task of identifying the ‘Mystery Dung’ – and then collecting it. What a good idea to turn it into a sport.

Matthew Chatfield

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One thought on “Gotta clear up after ’em all!

  • 12th May, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Do you think I could have a ton of Mystery Dung for the Wildlife Garden??


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