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The Ranger has had a range of media experiences over the years – defeated on Blockbusters; captain of the losing team on Top of the Form; numerous appearances in the Isle of Wight County Press and more. But never before has he even approached the high level of media karma that can be bestowed by that Radio 4 behemoth, Gardeners’ Question Time. Until now.

In a packed recording at Ventnor Winter Gardens The Ranger got to his feet and was lucky enough to be selected from the hosts of worthy real gardeners to ask a question to the assembled luminaries. If you want to hear it, you’ve got a week from 9 September 2007 to hear it on BBC ‘Listen Again’ – flick through to 22:15 if you want to skip to The Ranger. But soon enough that opportunity will evaporate, so here’s a précis of the question and the very helpful answers given by the panel:

The Ranger: I work for the Isle of Wight Council. We’re removing many of our old municipal annuals and replacing them with sustainable planting. What plants could the panel suggest that will look great, need little watering and be vandal-proof? Bob Flowerdew: Mediterranean herbs, rosemary, sage; Claudanthus arabicus Anne Swithinbank: St Swithin’s Rose Pippa Greenwood – herbaceous geraniums; sedums; houseleeks; agave

What a splendid evening it is attending a recording session for Gardeners’ Question Time – it’s strongly recommended as good free entertainment. And in this case by the magic of the internet you can even find out what The Ranger had for dinner afterwards…

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