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28 Weeks Later: not a countryside film

Matthew Chatfield
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The Ranger was scared witless by zombie movie 28 Weeks Later. This isn’t entirely a review, but in summary, if you liked the previous film, 28 Days Later, you’ll love this one (no spoiler here either, so don’t worry if you’re intending to go and see it).

Robert Carlyle is attacked by scary zombies in a country park
Robert Carlyle is attacked by scary zombies in a country park

A feature of the film is the remarkably detailed urban desolation of a country supposedly abandoned for the eponymous 28 weeks. With lots of atmospheric shots of characters wandering deserted streets – and yes, a fairground – the most effective bits are perhaps the stunning computer-enhanced images of London from the air, depopulated, decaying and poignant. The Ranger was entertained to see the final shots of the film where a helicopter is seen flying over the countryside. The aerial footage shows pristine and well-manicured fields of cereal down below, tractor-marks and everything – all in a land which has supposedly been devoid of humans for seven months. Perhaps the zombies planted the barley themselves? It’s interesting that after the painstaking effort used to create the urban scenes, the film-makers didn’t consider it worthwhile to make the fields look even a little bit ragged, a few weeds maybe, an abandoned tractor, fallen trees or wind-damage, or even a deer or two standing there. Perhaps they thought that the countryside just looks after itself. It’s natural, right? Just leave it alone and mother nature will care for it. Sadly, they’re probably right that it wasn’t worth their trouble, as most viewers would not have noticed anything wrong. Our natural environment has become the city. The countryside is a strange place.

Matthew Chatfield

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One thought on “28 Weeks Later: not a countryside film

  • John B (not the sloop)

    I’d have taken the “afflictees” more seriously if their gibbering/slobbering noises didn’t make them sound just the “Tasmanian Devil” from the Hanna & Barbera cartoons……………..


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