Two forest paths and a ruin… but where is this?

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Ranger reader Robert Vipond writes from Canada with a simple query – he’s coming to England, he says:

to enjoy many days of walking about the countryside for a particularly in-depth photographic project I am working on… I would love to visit this exact place myself

…and he wants to know if anyone can identify these photographs. The Ranger wouldn’t normally broadcast such a request so widely but these really are lovely pictures, even if you don’t know the place:

Path 1

Path 2


You can download the pictures to see slightly bigger versions. The Ranger is stumped, other than suspecting that the Forestry Commission (to whom Robert has also written) might well know the answer. Searching their image library gave no results (bet you didn’t know you could do that!). Robert assures us that the images are from England, which, if true, may narrow it down considerably as that mossy forest looks quite likely to be western – but we can rule out Welsh or Scottish, and the stone lintels are not at all common in southern England. So, any suggestions, observations, or anywhere we can rule out?

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