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This lunchtime The Ranger’s efficient staff organised the launch of a revitalised picnic site. The sun shone wonderfully, birds were singing, the nearby river looked blue and inviting (the tide was in). The place had been scrupulously litterpicked, there were new tables, covered with clean gingham clothes, with flowers, picnic blankets, and plenty of free coffee, tea and lovely cakes. All paid for by external funding, not a penny from the Council Tax. A good smattering of picnickers passed by and enjoyed the low-key event. Many positive comments were received. Sadly the local elected member didn’t show and so The Ranger had a not-particularly-reluctant promotion to VIP status and had to whip away the red cloth from the new interpretation board for the cameras. Fantastic. So how disappointing was it when some old bloke wandered around, and when asked if he wanted any free tea and cake replied before ambling off, “No, I haven’t got time for that, it’s a waste of money and this place is filthy and has been for years”. Honestly. It’s a truth that some people will moan whatever you offer them.

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One thought on “You simply can’t give it away

  • 12th May, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Yup, you’re right, you can’t please some people. One of the more interesting comments of the day came from a man who steadfastly ate his sandwiches sat in his car in the car park, despite being invited to sit in the sun at one of the decorated picnic tables.

    When asked what he thought of the improvements to the site he said that he missed the shrubbery in the car park (which was removed because it collected discarded litter including much food waste and also because it gave miscreants a place to hide). He said the small bushes were a haven for wildlife; he particularly missed seeing the rats at play…


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