Footpath barriers – an unusual approach

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Footpaths, the location of conflicts between illegal cyclists and motorcyclists, horses, pushchairs, granny-wagons and much more. Rangers the world over puzzle over the best solution to keep down the sometimes barely-suppressed hatred between these user groups. There are as many answers as there are rangers – some are quite creative. However, maybe we are simply trying too hard – could the answer be much simpler than we all thought? Today in Lymington, Hampshire The Ranger saw a remarkable barrier on a suburban footpath:

A footpath barrier in Lymington
Ooo! That’s going to hurt!

Yes, look closely. There’s no easy way around this barrier – it just gets in absolutely everybody’s way. So you can squeeze through the tiny side opening, or duck underneath it, or, if you’re a clumsy oaf like The Ranger, walk slap bang into it. There’s another identical one in the far distance at the end of the path. Actually, it must be handy for dwarfs, dogs, those in Sinclair C5s, and harassed mothers with laden double buggys. Look out for this innovative but worryingly direct solution to the age-old problem on a footpath near you!

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One thought on “Footpath barriers – an unusual approach

  • 12th May, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    where is the accompanying ‘Limbo Dancers only” sign?


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