Wildlife and Countryside Quiz of 2009
by the Virtual Ranger

Matthew Chatfield
1. 2010 is the international Year of Biodiversity. But what was 2009?
International Year of Natural Fibres
International year of the potato
International year of Deserts and Desertification

2. The Marine and Coastal Access Bill received Royal Assent on 12 November 2009. Which of the following is not intended to be delivered by the new law?
A coastal path around England
New Marine Conservation Zones
A merger between Natural England and the Environment Agency

3. In May 2009 the UK government announced a new Third Sector Task Force on climate change, the environment and sustainable development. What is the 'Third Sector'?
Voluntary and charitable work
Those working with island nations that are likely to be inundated by sea level rise
Those not in education, employment or training (eg the long-term sick).

4. Kang Wannian, a villager from Mengla, Yunnan Province, China, was in December 2009 jailed for 12 years after doing what?
Marrying a goat
Eating the last known wild tiger in China
Running a betting ring predicting the death dates of individual pandas

5. A whale that briefly became a tourist attraction after appearing off Bournemouth beach washed up dead in September 2009. What was it named by the media?

6. Who in summer 2009 controversially said that the giant panda should be left to die out because it is costing too much to conserve?
Jeremy Clarkson
Chris Packham
David Bellamy

7. At least two centuries after the species was hunted to extinction in the UK, in May 2009 beavers were released into lochs in Argyll. But which one of of these areas in England has been identified as a possible beaver reintroduction site?
The Isle of Wight
The New Forest
Wicken Fen

8. Which animal, formerly plentiful, was so scarce in 2009 that the police issued warnings to look out for 'rustlers'?
Exmoor ponies
Urban swans

9. The new South Downs National Park was finally announced on 31 March 2009. When was it first formally proposed by government?

10. Sir David Attenborough revealed in January 2009 that he still gets hate-mail for what?
Once having used captive animals in a 1979 documentary
Not crediting God with the creation of the natural world
Broadcasting a lecture arguing that climate change is man-made

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