Other Work
we do for money

OPinkEye Graphicsur experience and practice on Naturenet has taught us a bit about the web, and how it works. We think we're pretty good at designing and operating low-cost, high-information content websites. Apparently, we are not alone because the following people have paid us to design and build, and in some cases maintain their websites, and other similar work. The income from this work goes directly to supporting Naturenet. Goodness knows we need it. Everything since 2003 has been done in partnership with PinkEye Graphics. Please visit PinkEye Graphics for further projects.

Naturenet: complete makeover of this excellent resource (ongoing).

Countryside Management Association: complete design, graphics, copywriting and hosting; plus maintenance and moderation of email group and discussion board (2006).

Wild on Wight: Isle of Wight Biodiversity Action Group (2005).

Countryside Training Services: complete design, implementation and training of clients (2003).

Spinney Abbey: complete design, graphics, copywriting and hosting (2001).

Oh, and this:

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