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Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff
and things that wouldn't (or shouldn't) fit anywhere else!

The Infamous Exploding Whale: save the whales -but not like this!
Have a look at our extremely cynical and tongue-in-cheek Countryside Worker Field Identification GuidePages marked with this symbol are exclusively written for Naturenet
Frogland: go there, then you will understand.
Try your luck at the Bird Quiz.
How to tell the birds from the flowers: marvellous, but slooow.
Wayne's Word (sic): a great site for anyone with the remotest interest in plants. Full of weird and wonderful plant facts. Recommended by Ruth D'Alessandro.
The British Lard Marketing Board: including the finest screensaver ever made, available for you to download now!
Naturenet NamesakesPages marked with this symbol are exclusively written for Naturenet

Timewasters par excellence

Constructor: this you must see. Not really countryside but a truly splendid computer toy, vaguely related to invertebrates and life simulation, and quick to download too. The friend who sent this link to Naturenet claims that 'it is more fun than sex'. Well, you'll have to make your own mind up about that but one thing's for sure, if you do it in the office at lunchtime you'll have a crowd watching in minutes.
Some java games we find most diverting, and you can download them too:
Noughts and Crosses (3kb).
Asteroids: a good recreation of the classic arcade game (about 200kb).
Connect 4: we haven't beaten it yet (about 30kb).

Java - more recent versions of Windows, including XP, don't have Java as standard for reasons just too dull to explain. So if the above games don't work for you, you can download Java for free if you want to play them, and lots of other stuff, from Sun Microsystems.