Agrestic abstruseness 11

Once more Find the Fault rides forth, and this one is a proper one from the box, don’t worry. Answers to FTF10 are now online. The rules are simple; examine the card, find what’s wrong, leave a comment below to spell it out. Points for all correct answers, and Nicholas Parsons-style bonus marks for entertaining or clever ones.

Find the fault 11

I’m not expecting the main answer to tax you too much here. But some good bonuses lurk, I think! Answers below

Find the Fault unplugged

Recently The Ranger was walking in the delightful Newport Cemetery. Graveyards are almost always good places for wildlife as well as reflection and commemoration, and Newport is no exception. Home to wasp spiders, ants, wasps and nesting birds, it’s an enjoyable stroll at any time of the year. Here’s the central path, gently mossed with its splendid yew avenue, taken last spring just as the big beech was coming into leaf:

Yew trees, Newport Cemetery

But this time, I noticed that something odd on my journey – and I exclaimed to my companion, The Cat, “It’s like a real life find-the-fault!”. So I decided that the eagle eyed Ranger readers had honed their skills enough on cartoons, and as a short intermission I present the first (and probably the last) real Find the Fault. Read on to see what I saw – and see if you can find the fault! Just like the drawings you’ll need to look pretty carefully. Rules just like the real one – leave your suggestions in the comments. Continue reading Find the Fault unplugged

Agricultural Anomalies 10

Relax, the wait is over. Find the Fault returns after a Christmas break, and this time the Ranger will ease you in with what might possibly be a challenge you can face with confidence. Check out the answers to FTF9, and then try this one. Rules are, as ever, to study the card, and see what’s wrong with the picture. Comment below if you think you know it. This time I’m expecting some bonus marks!

Find the Fault 10

Agrarian aberration 8

Find the fault is back… the rules are the same as ever. Study the card below, and find what’s wrong with it. See if you can leave a comment to point out the howlers before Pascal does. Bonus marks will be awarded for any mistakes not shown on the official answer card.

Find the fault 8

And yes, for those who’ve been reading The Rangers Blog for a while, it was indeed this card that made me buy the set! Update: Answer now in the comments.

Clip-clop confusion 7

Find the fault is back! When colleagues stop The Ranger in the office, begging him to get his finger out and publish another, it must be time for the latest retro puzzler. And here’s a good one – same rules as before. Find what’s wrong with the picture, tell us your answer in the comments below. Bonuses will be on offer for spotting any errors that are not on the official answer card!

Find the fault 7

Answers are in the comments below.